Why the Public Sector?

With Government borrowing at an all time high and the economy and employment in continuing uncertainty, new funding for public services are not going to be generated by increased grants or tax revenues.  Over the next decade, local authorities and other public bodies will need to escalate their efficiency drive to unprecedented levels.  The economic pressure cooker of recession is a terrible opportunity to waste.  Concepts and innovations previously eschewed by public sector organisations as too radical or too risky will be given very serious consideration. If they are capable of showing savings, they will be irresistible. 

"The recession is a terrible opportunity to waste"

This pressure is likely to be accelerated by central government guidance and direction. David Cameron has recently indicated that a future conservative government would urge local authorities and other public bodies such as health and police to consider cloud computing solutions. As US President Obama embraces ‘Cloud Computing’ as a program to reduce costs in Federal IT and drive efficiency with their Apps.gov initiative there is a compelling context for change on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Cloud represents a once in a generation opportunity to transform the IT strategies of local authorities and other local public bodies.  Given that councils provide a wide and diverse range of services, there is an opportunity to build a “call-off” list of integrated, pay-per-use services to allow CEO’s, senior managers and political leaders to restructure their organisation around low-risk, try-before-you-buy, infrastructure-free IT services, to better serve the needs of their citizens.