Why Cloud Computing?

The cloud is an unmissable opportunity for your organisation to transform the way you do business and dramatically reduce your costs, your complexity and your risks associated with IT.  In the cloud, the mass-production of services create such economies of scale that providers are able of offer personalised and highly resilient services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

This is a major shift from the traditional client server models.  There is no need to own or lease the hardware and software on site.  The full costs of running an IT service in house - staffing, accommodation,  heating/cooling, fire protection, hardware, software, backup, security, power supplies, support systems and so on - can be cut at a stroke.

"Companies are already happy to rely on utilities to provide electrical power ... Cloud computing will do the same for computing power."

Battle of the clouds: The fight to dominate cloud computing will increase competition and innovation The Economist Oct 15th 2009

Attached is a report from Forrester Research uses email to illustrate the cost comparsison of on-premise IT versus Cloud and the scale of the Cloud opportunity.

"Nothing has greater force than an idea that has found its time."

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Mike Conner,
19 Oct 2009, 17:42