Who We Are

The company's founders have complementary skills which relate to the public sector market and cloud computing products. Alan Jones lives in Somerset is a former local authority chief executive at district and county level with 33 years experience in the sector. Mike Conner is based in Swindon and is an entrepreneur and SaaS expert, with 15 years experience in IT sales.  He has particular skills and knowledge in cloud computing. 

Both Alan Jones and Mike Conner are experienced in market research, business development and the promotion of products and services. They have founded civicloud.com to formalize the consulting services they offer. They will manage civicloud.com as working partners. The company may draw on associates for additional capacity in research and support but all client relationships and business development will be handled directly by the founders.  No additional shareholders are envisaged at present. 

The company expects to establish at least one local authority customer by the end of this year with increased interest developing thereafter following dissemination of the benefits and promotion of the opportunities throughout the sector.  

Alan Jones and Mike Conner are committed to creating substantial efficiencies for local public bodies and the taxpayer.  They are also driven to create incremental value for cloud vendors.  

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