Cloud Computing for the Public Sector has been set-up as a resource for the Leaders, Chief Executives and senior managers of local authorities and other public sector bodies.  

We understand that you are having to manage the continual improvement of your organisations on ever tighter budgets.  Given the depth and severity of the economic recession and the knock on effects on public expenditure, we recognise that your priorities will be to find efficiencies and cashable savings.

This will require radically new ways of doing things, which maintain service quality whilst cutting costs.

The sad reality, is that almost all Leaders and Chief Executives are having to make heart-breaking decisions about cutting front-line services, while some corporate and central costs are difficult to shake out of the organisation.

Our specific concern is with IT.  Your IT systems - their delivery, reliabity and cost - are now critical to your business continuity. The risk of IT failure will feature highly on your organisation's strategic risk register. 

As a result, IT budgets are substantial and perceived as unavoidable.

For most local authorities and other local public bodies, this is the biggest piggy bank so far untouched by the efficiency drive.  Yet, paradoxically, IT should be the service at the forefront of organisational transformation. 

Our mission at is to help you change this.  Cloud computing can help you to raid the IT piggy bank and divert the savings to the front line.

piggy bank photo 3

Over 80% of your IT budget is spent maintaining the status quo instead of innovating.  We can help you save your organisation a minimum of £190,000, per 1,000 IT users, per year - while improving service.  

This not only diverts resources into front-line services, it puts IT at the centre of your efficiency and transformation programme.